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Our IAQ Solution

A holistic system focused on monitoring, analyzing and managing indoor air quality from the perspective of occupant health

Our Human-Centered Approach

Building4Health has created a new medically based approach to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measurement and management that places human physiology at the epicenter. Our comprehensive data-driven IAQ solution features B4H Vital Signs™, a diagnostic algorithm that measures, analyzes, and synthesizes the health impact of the indoor environment.


Grounded in more than 30 years of scientific and medical research, B4H leads IAQ innovation by shifting the focus to occupant health while also supporting building efficiency and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

Our commercial-grade system is ideal for office buildings, schools, senior communities, hospitals, and any commercial or retail environment.

A Growing Health Challenge


Outdoor air pollution is often viewed as the greatest air quality health threat. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), indoor air pollution may be 2 to 5 times worse. Despite the growing awareness of the impact of indoor air quality on human health, the relationship is not well understood, quantified, or remediated. Billions of dollars have been spent to research and tackle the risks of outdoor air pollution, while only a fraction of that amount is being spent on the indoor environment (IEQ) where people spend 90% of their time.

Vital Signs

The Next Gen Health Standard

B4H Vital Signs logo, cube with EKG line

B4H Vital Signs™ proprietary algorithm is the only advanced diagnostic tool that integrates medical research to determine the real time health influence of the IAQ on the human body.

B4H Vital Signs works by:

• Analyzing interactions of essential indoor air components that influence health
• Synthesizing the impact into a single real time building health score
• Serving as engine to create alerts and remediation recommendations

How It Works

How it Works

B4H Indoor Air Quality Metric graphic on  overhead visual of  indoor office environment



B4H Vital Signs Algorithm Evaluates the Impact on Human Physiology

Analyzes the impact and hidden interactivity of critical air components


Evaluates key health influences including
• immunity
• metabolism

• cognition
• genetics

Synthesizes impact into a single building health score

Graphic of IAQ metrics and their interrelationships, feeding into cognition, immunity, genetics, and metabolism. Resulting in B4H Vital Signs IAQ Score



B4H IAQ Platform Visualizes Data and Reports Actionable Insights

Streams real time data from multiple devices to dashboard

Visualizes critical B4H Health Score and data trends across sensors

Communicates timely alerts and remediations

Features cutting-edge technology:

  • Scalable

  • Cloud-Based

  • WIFI Enabled

  • API Availability

Computer monitor with a B4H IAQ dashboard showing different graphs



Unlock the Value of IAQ Data for Better Health and Efficiency

Delivers remediation intervention recommendations based on B4H algorithm

B4H Vital Signs Health Score determines if selected strategies are effective (e.g. ventilation, filtration, humidification, other)

Timely data support building efficiency

ROI: Unlock the Value of Data, text on image of a city at night

Why It Matters

Support Occupant Health and Efficient Building Management

Icon, Silhouette of a person and a heart

Optimizes Health Outcomes

Through next gen IAQ health standards, real-time measurement and diagnostic tools.

Icon, dollar sign and data points trending up

Builds Value and ROl

Through increased satisfaction, retention, returning customers, productivity, energy efficiency, and putting people first.

Icon, plug ending in plant sprout

Promotes Energy Conservation

Data reveals when and how to run HVAC for best outcomes.

Icon, hands holding a shield with a check mark

Builds Occupant Confidence

So that employees, tenants and residents feel safe and protected indoors.

Icon, circle connecting people, building, and plant

Supports ESG Goals

Through actionable steps to measure impact and support healthier indoor environments for all.

Why It Matters



Best-in-Class Sensors Measure 11 Air Quality Components in Real Time

Continuously measures critical air metrics that influence health including:
•  T
hermal metrics
•  Particulate matter
•  Reactive indoor gases


Advanced IAQ sensors are used for optimal accuracy and reliability

Integrated outdoor sensor data supports ventilation strategies

Data is wirelessly transmitted to the
B4H cloud for analysis and security

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