We define and evaluate the impact of the indoor environment on occupant health.

B4H has leveraged 20 years of medical and facilities research into patient outcomes to create a proprietary framework and set of standards which we use to measure the impact of indoor building conditions on human health across a multitude of building types.

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Sensor and analytic technology provide real-time verified indications of whether an indoor environment is optimized for human health.

The B4H platform uses easily installed and maintained sensors to monitor, capture and transmit to our analytic environment a set of specific indoor air metrics.

Our proprietary software integrates and analyzes these data to determine the building's impact on occupant health in accordance with our standards.
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Informed by research, we
define optimal conditions for human health within the built environment.

The B4H platform measures the health impact of indoor environments in accordance with our defined standards.  Based on decades of research by Dr. Stephanie Taylor on patient outcomes and facilities research, our platform reveals whether indoor environments are appropriately supporting human health.

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Your building’s microbial ecosystem

The B4H software and analytical platform make visible the complex relationships among the indoor environment, humans and the building microbiome – thus allowing a determination of whether an indoor ecosystem has a positive or negative impact on the health of occupants.
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Understanding the
built environment from a health perspective

B4H provides the ability to:

   1)  Use standards based on medical research to evaluate           the indoor environment

    2)  Assess a building's impact on human health and the           probability of viral infection

    3)  Support data-based steps to optimize building systems           and operating protocols for improved occupant health           and productivity

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