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A Transformative
Indoor Air Quality

Featuring our patented B4H Vital Signs™ technology and unique medical approach

What We Do

Building4Health (B4H) is a patented medically based Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) health standard and real-time, data-driven solution to measure and optimize the indoor environment for occupant health and building efficiency.


How It Works


Premium sensors measure IAQ in real time.


B4H Vital Signs™ algorithm diagnoses impact on human health.


Live B4H Platform manages data to reveal your comprehensive health score.


Data intelligence generates real time alerts and efficient remediation strategies.

"The B4H platform and continuous monitoring has given us a tangible tool to give our employees - and me - peace of mind that we have a healthy work environment. We've seen in the past two years just how critical that is to our thriving as an organization.

--- Leah Binder, CEO, The LeapFrog Group


Our Difference

Building4Health (B4H) is a paradigm shifting, real time IAQ monitoring and remediation solution based on medical data and human health.

Features B4H Vital Signs™, a patented diagnostic algorithm designed to measure, evaluate, and optimize the impact of IAQ on health.


Delivers a cutting edge, commercial-grade system that includes continuous IAQ monitoring with best-in-class sensors, cloud-based data storage and analysis, and efficient remediation recommendations.

Developed by a visionary medical expert, Dr. Stephanie Taylor: Harvard physician, scientist, architect, and pioneer of hospital infectious disease research.

Dr. Stephanie Taylor

Promotes evidence-based ROl to support occupant health and building efficiency.


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